Top Lane Rankings for Spring Split 2016

Top lane rankings for the Spring Split of 2016,

Here is the 1st of 5 positional ranking posts. I will try to have them all up by Sunday for those drafting this weekend. I apologize I didn’t have them up for you. All 5 posts will work the same, a list of where I think each player will finish at the end of the season in points scored, and then a breakdown of the tiers of where guys should be taken relative to each other. Here are my Top Lane rankings.

  1. Huni (IMT)
  2. Soaz (Origen)
  3. Impact (NRG)
  4. Odoamne (H2K)
  5. Darshan (CLG)
  6. KFO (Fox)
  7. Freddy122 (Roc)
  8. CaboChard (Vit)
  9. Hauntzer (TSM)
  10. Gamsu (FNC)
  11. Vizicsaci (UoL)
  12. Wunderwear (SPL)
  13. Balls (C9)
  14. Kikis (G2)
  15. SmittyJ (Dig)
  16. Lourlo (TL)
  17. Atom (Gia)
  18. Steve (Ele)
  19. Feng (TiP)
  20. RF Legendary (Ren)

1 – Huni has lead top laners the last two splits, and even though the gap wasn’t as big last split he still is the top choice here.

2-6 These are all great top laners and proven that they can play in a competitive environment. They all have the chance to be in conversation with Huni for the 1st spot.

7-12 All of these guys have x-factors in their play or team situation that could hinder them during the split, or make them seem better than they are. This was the toughest chunk of players to organize for me.

13-16 These 4 are all good players, but they most likely won’t be scoring lots of points week to week. These are wait and see candidates or play when they have 2 great match-ups, which they may be the easy match-ups.

17-20 These 4 will be the bottom of the pack because of their teams, and their own abilities as compared to their competition.


Stay tuned for the other 4 rankings coming this weekend. If you want to be sure to see them the moment I post don’t forget to follow the blog, follow me on twitter, or like me on facebook so you can be informed when a new article goes live. Who do you think will be the “top” laners this season? Let me know in the comments below.