The 5 League of Legends champions with the best lore

Runeterra is filled with compelling stories.

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The universe of League of Legends is rich with lore and individual stories. Each champion in the game has extensive backstories that span across the wide world of Runeterra, and each of the champions’ stories in the game usually intertwine with each other in some capacity. 

But some champions in League have such rich stories that they stand out above the rest of the game’s wide roster. Here are the five champions with the best lore and stories in League of Legends


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Fiddlesticks is a living demon that harvests upon the fear of its enemies. With no true form, the demon instead possesses the embodiment of a scarecrow, waiting in the Demacian fields to terrorize any unfortunate souls to cross its path. 

According to the people of Demacia, the legend of the demon Fiddlesticks is nothing more than a tale meant to scare children. But Fiddlesticks is real and feeds on the fear of all those who doubt its existence. According to Riot’s official lore for Fiddlesticks, the demon is “an entity so utterly alien that it defies almost all contemporary knowledge of magic.”

Beyond Fiddlesticks, though, there are many other demons across the League universe with their own forms and backstories. Demons such as Nocturne and Evelynn are loosely related to Fiddlesticks and are said to embody other dark entities. For example, since Fiddlesticks is the demon of fear, Evelynn would be the demon of pain, and Nocturne would go down as the demon of nightmares. 


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Braum, the hero of the Freljord, is often regarded as a man capable of mighty deeds and reality-defining feats of strength. During his younger years, Braum was known throughout the Freljord region for his more simplistic heroic deeds, including saving children from icy ravines and defending adventurers from monsters.

But as his legend grew, Braum became more of a mythical figure—a folk legend within the region of the Freljord. As one tale goes, Braum once attempted to rescue a young boy from a frozen vault but could not open its massive door. So, he instead punched through the rock and ice to get to the trapped boy and ripped the frozen vault door off of its hinges. Legend has it that Braum still carries the vault door with him to this day, using it as a shield to protect the Freljord from threats. 


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Jinx, the deranged, explosives-loving terrorist from Piltover hasn’t always been the insane, loose cannon that she’s become today. During her childhood, Jinx was a young tinker whose ideas were always too grand and broad for Piltover. In the city, experimentation is restricted to ensure the innovations the city’s citizens come up with are humane. But in Zaun, experiments were allowed to run rampant, letting Jinx’s work flourish throughout Piltover’s undercity. 

Over time, Jinx would showcase her unbound innovation by pulling “pranks” on the people of Piltover. These pranks ranged from harmless displays of explosive activity to full-blown acts of violence. She has become an increasingly active threat with each prank and is still being chased by Piltover’s main crime-stoppers, Vi and Caitlyn, to this day.  


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During the golden age of the Shuriman empire several thousand years ago, Azir was seeking to ascend into godhood. The emperor had expanded the borders of his empire, bringing wealth through immense trade and imperial victories. With the Shuriman empire at its height, Azir attempted to undergo the Ascension ritual that would turn him into a god.

But at his greatest moment of triumph, the Shuriman emperor was murdered by one of his closest advisors, a mage by the name of Xerath. Now, in present day, Azir has been reborn as a demigod looking to reclaim the days of his empire’s former glory. 


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Ivern, the carefree friend to all critters of the forest, wasn’t always a cheery half-tree, half-man. Long ago, Ivern the Cruel was a ruthless warrior of the Freljord looking to claim an ancient magical power located deep within the forests of Ionia for himself. He believed taking the forest’s magic would be the tide-turning factor in his battle against the Iceborn. 

But when Ivern reached the source of the forest’s magic, the forest fought back, melding his body with the wood and leaves of the trees around him. A voice from deep within the forest taught Ivern several lessons of compassion and restraint as the once-driven warrior became one with the forest around him. 

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