TFT fans can unlock Little Legends eggs with Twitch Prime

The offer expires next month.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games and Twitch have teamed up to bring League of Legends players free loot in the past, but now, it’s Teamfight Tactics fans’ turn.

From today until Oct. 28, fans with a Twitch Prime subscription can unlock a Little Legends Twin Egg, which contains two random Little Legends. After users claim the first egg, they’ll be able to redeem the second offer of the promotion, which includes a second Little Legends Twin Egg and a random skin shard, next month.

If players receive a Little Legend they already own, they’ll be able to convert them into a random egg to get a free reroll.

To claim the offer, users can click on the crown icon from Twitch’s homepage and then choose the Learn More option underneath the TFT banner. The banner will redirect them to the promotion’s page, where they’ll see an option to claim the offer.

Users will need to make sure that their accounts are linked before they can claim the offer. To do so, they need to venture into their account settings and click on the Connections tab, where they can follow the instructions underneath the League of Legends option to link the account to their Twitch profile.

Those who don’t have a Twitch Prime subscription can still earn the rewards by signing up for a 30-day Prime trail through Twitch’s website. Once the trial period ends, however, players will need to purchase a subscription or they won’t be able to redeem any future offers.