TF Blade says he feels “genuinely targeted by Riot” after being banned from Korean solo queue

He doesn't think the ban is justified.

TF Blade suspended on Twitch
Screengrab via Team Liquid

League of Legends streamer TF Blade has been on a tear recently in Korean solo queue while hunting for that elusive rank one in the region. But the Team Liquid streamer might need to look for another region to climb in because Riot Games Korea has banned him due to verbal violence.

TF Blade said he feels “genuinely targeted by Riot” after he asked for proof of his toxicity. It took the company almost two hours to email him the chat logs that led to his ban. He also doesn’t believe that he said anything ban-worthy in the singular chat log that Riot provided because he was being competitive about the game.

In the chat log, TF Blade went on a tangent against his jungler, who apparently had a horrible invade that cost the streamer his laning phase. TF Blade also said that although he did say a few choice words, a lot of what was said was pertaining to the game state and decision-making and was not directed toward the player. TF Blade also said that Riot Korea forced him to switch his language to Korean or it’d take away the account.

Ultimately, TF Blade feels targeted by Riot and even said that racism might be at play. He continued by saying that multiple pros have said similar things and haven’t been touched by the banhammer yet.

This isn’t the first time he’s been punished for being toxic during his pursuit of rank one around the world, though. Last September, he was banned from Twitch for calling people in the EUNE and Turkish regions “dogs” and “unintelligent.” He also received a 14-day League ban in Turkey after dishing out similar verbal abuse in-game.

Former pro player and current CLG streamer Rush chimed in and said that when players are given Riot accounts, they’re under “special watch.” He also said that TF Blade’s “negative behaviors” is suspension-worthy, but the ban is understandable since it’s an account provided by Riot.