TF Blade on his recent Twitch ban: “I had no idea that calling people ‘dog’… is something you can get banned for”

The streamer told fans the reason for his ban and apologized for his actions.

Screengrab via Team Liquid

League of Legends streamer Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni released a statement explaining the reason for his suspension after informing fans about his Twitch ban without any context earlier today.

TF Blade addressed the issue in a tweet today, apologizing for calling people in the EUNE and Turkey region “dogs” and “unintelligent.”

The Team Liquid streamer admitted that he let frustrations drive him to toxic behavior in his journey to become the No. 1 global League player.

“I legitimately had no idea that calling people or the region in the game ‘dog’ ‘unintelligent’ out of just frustration, with no intentions of hurting anyone really, is something you can get banned for,” TF Blade said. “I behaved this way because I was on a time pressure of achieving my goal of getting rank 1… but people would just purposely target int me and be toxic to me with the intentions of preventing me from my goal.”

Players who realized that TF Blade was in their game would respond with toxic behavior and intentionally throw the game to get a reaction from the streamer. TF Blade claims that he submitted tickets and provided proof to Riot Games, but the company failed to punish the offending players.

This isn’t the first time TF Blade experienced suspension woes. Earlier this month, the streamer received a 14-day ban on his Turkey League account for being toxic and verbally abusive in the game’s chat, calling players “dogs” and “retarded.”

The player tried to contest the ban with Riot’s Turkey office, claiming that players usually get chat muted before an account ban. When that didn’t work, TF Blade called Turkish Riot employees racist for only doling out a punishment to him and not the other offenders.

After a rough September, the streamer is abandoning his EUNE and Turkey League grind for the time being and is traveling back to Canada to continue his work there. 

TF Blade hasn’t given a time frame for how long his Twitch ban will last, but he’ll likely continue playing off-stream until his channel is reinstated.

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