TF Blade suspended from Twitch

The reason for the ban is unknown.

Screengrab via Team Liquid

Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni’s journey to become the No. 1 global League of Legends player has been temporarily halted. He was banned from Twitch today. The length of the ban hasn’t been revealed. 

Following an unknown incident, TF Blade confirmed on Twitter that he’s been suspended on the streaming platform. This is the second time the streamer has been banned after he was accused of using a racial slur on stream in April, when in fact he said the word “idiots.” This led to a 30-day ban that was eventually reduced to a week.  

The Team Liquid streamer has been critical of League developers Riot Games. He said that Riot employees were racist after he was punished for toxic behavior and that he was speaking English in the Turkish region. He received a 14-day suspension in the Turkish region.

TF Blade is attempting to become the top-ranked global League player, but his journey has been temporarily stopped. He said on Twitter that he’s returned to Canada after an “unfortunate set of events have occurred.”

It’s unknown why he’s been suspended from Twitch. TF Blade hasn’t issued a statement regarding the reason for his ban or the length of his suspension. But the ban is unlikely to be permanent and will most likely range from a week to a month.