TF Blade gets 14-day suspension in Turkish League account for abusive chat

He was trying to reach rank one in the region when he received the suspension for abusive chat behavior.

TF Blade suspended on Twitch
Screengrab via Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s League of Legends streamer Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni had his attempt to become the no. 1 ranked player in Turkey halted by a 14-day account suspension. He was streaming on Twitch when he received a notification about it.

In clips of his stream, TF Blade showed chat logs of him calling the Turkish League region “dogshit” and saying Turkish players were “dogs” and “retarded.” While showing these logs, he said he was defending himself against players who were trolling his matches and also having toxic behavior. According to TF Blade, these players didn’t get banned.

The message TF Blade got after the ban says it’s because of “abusive, player-reported comms.”

“Other players judged your comms to be far below the standards of the League community,” the notification read. “If this behavior continues, your account will be permanently suspended.”

Due to how that suspension notification is worded, it probably means that TF Blade received an automatic suspension due to massive player reports. But it’s unclear what Riot’s criteria are for setting the length of a suspension due to abusive chat behavior.

TF Blade contested his 14-day suspension saying that Riot Turkey was being too strict with him, and that players usually get a chat mute first before an account ban. He also said Turkish Riot employees are “racists” since he was the only one punished for toxic behavior in the region, and because he was speaking English in the chat.

When TF Blade received his suspension, he was ranked third in the region. After that, he said he’s not sure if he’ll go back and try to get rank one in Turkey, which would hurt his attempt to reach rank one in all League regions around the world. Turkey was the fourth region he was in, and he’s switched to Europe Nordic and East while his ban is still in place.