TFBlade forced to endure match with trolls in ranked League of Legends match

This is not a good look for Turkish players.

TF Blade
Screengrab via Team Liquid

Ashkan “TFBlade” Homayouni is in the middle of his quest to claim the top rank in every League of Legends server in the world, but he hit a snag while playing ranked matches on Turkish servers. 

In one game, his Turkish teammates immediately began acting strange and started feeding the opposing players. But as the match continued, it turns out the opposing team was also throwing. 

His goal of becoming the top player in every region puts him into a situation where he essentially has to play out every game he joins. Because if he leaves, his account will be hit with a penalty that will either slow down or completely halt his progress on the competitive ladder. 

The Team Liquid streamer was forced to try and win the game while dealing with nine players who had no desire to complete any of the objectives. Luckily, TFBlade’s look of confusion and exclamations of rage kept his viewers entertained as the match went on. 

The game ended up lasting well over an hour, and it put TFBlade in such a bad mood that he ended the stream shortly after. But as some users on Reddit pointed out, this Turkish game makes North American servers seem much better in comparison.