Teamfight Tactics releases tomorrow in the main League client in North America

Players in other regions will get the mode by the end of the week.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ autobattler title Teamfight Tactics is releasing tomorrow, June 26, inside League of Legends’ main client in North America.

TFT will be released in the main League client in other regions throughout the week, Riot said. Its PBE version should remain available in the meantime.

That means TFT is leaving its closed beta phase on the Public Beta Environment to enter open beta, which will make it available to any player in North America who has the standard League of Legends client installed on their PC. Both current and new players will have unrestricted access to the new game mode.

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With this release, TFT queue times and server load in the PBE should be reduced, and players with connection issues should have an easier time connecting to the game and playing matches.

This date marks a small delay in the release of TFT, which was first set to be today along with the 9.13 patch. Riot refrained from commenting on the change, though it’s safe to assume the company is trying to contain the heavy player load on its servers to avoid putting players in a two-hour long queue or in a 9,000-player waitlist like the ones experienced in the closed beta.

Ranked mode is coming at a later date, though. Riot said it will add this system to TFT when League’s 9.14 update is out in early July. Players should also see board skins and new Little Legends becoming available for purchase soon.

Players in other regions can follow updates on the expected release date of Teamfight Tactics in their region in the game’s official website. Regardless, all League players should have access to the game by the end of the week.