Team Liquid adds Alanzq and DarkHydra to its Teamfight Tactics roster

The top-two TFT players in Europe West have joined Liquid.

Image via Riot Games

Team Liquid has signed Teamfight Tactics streamers Alanzq and Christian “DarkHydra” Lüftner to compete in upcoming tournaments, the organization announced today. They’ll be joining former League of Legends coach and player Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco, who was added to Liquid’s TFT roster in July.

“I was always a fan of Liquid,” Alanzq said. “There was plenty of drama with other teams with some mess ups, but I’ve never seen drama involving Team Liquid, so that’s a big plus. And Hyped is a friend of mine—we know each other from Artifact since I coached him and helped with decks and stuff like that.”

Alanzq and DarkHydra top the TFT leaderboards on the Europe West servers with both players locked in a constant battle for the No. 1 position. Alanzq is in first right now with 1,679 LP while DarkHydra has been trying to catch up in second place with 1,525 LP. It’s clear that both of these players are the best in the region since the third and fourth-place players are 300 LP lower than them.

“I played a lot of StarCraft, watched streams [on the Team Liquid website], and I liked the organization as a whole from all the esports games,” DarkHydra said. “I’ve followed League of Legends and always liked Team Liquid. Mainly from StarCraft though, I always liked the Liquid players and the organization.”

Liquid also hosted a TFT Game Day to welcome Alanzq and DarkHydra. Liquid fans had the chance to play with both of them and even win prizes.