Tactical to start over Doublelift for Team Liquid against CLG and Immortals

Liquid will "evaluate" the ADC spot each week.

Photo via Riot Games

Team Liquid plans to start Edward “Tactical” Ra in place of Doublelift for the team’s upcoming matches against CLG and Immortals, Liquid owner Steve Arhancet revealed.

Arhancet tweeted earlier today that Liquid signed AD carry Richard “Rikara” Oh to its Academy League roster so Tactical and Doublelift can “both focus on LCS.” Arhancet also said the starting ADC position will be evaluated each week.

Tactical stepped in for Doublelift for Liquid’s matches last week after the LCS legend lost his voice due to laryngitis. In the two matches, against TSM and 100 Thieves, Liquid won both games as Tactical finished each game without a death.

Liquid, who began the season without starting jungler Broxah, entered last week with a 4-6 record. Before facing TSM, Liquid were in a four-way tie for sixth. But with the two wins, they enter this week tied for third.

In addition to Tactical’s strong play, Doublelift, along with the rest of his team, has had a rough start to the spring split. His KDA is the lowest among all LCS bot laners.

Liquid’s first match this weekend is at 6pm CT on Saturday, March 7.