Suning re-signs SofM ahead of 2021 LPL season

The jungler will be surrounded by high expectations in the upcoming season.

Photo via Riot Games

Vietnamese jungler SofM will remain with Suning for the 2021 LPL season, the League of Legends team announced earlier today.

After SofM’s contract with Suning expired on Nov. 17, according to the GDC, rumors hinted at him potentially being transferred to the LCS after saying he tried to contact TSM to join the organization in early 2020. But instead, he’ll remain in the LPL.

SofM caught the attention of many League fans when he joined Suning in the LPL for the 2020 season due to his aggressive playstyle, original builds, and ability to snowball. It made him a key element of Suning’s success and identity this year.

The team had an increasingly strong performance throughout the season, which then skyrocketed at the World Championship. They reached the finals as underdogs but couldn’t grab the title over DAMWON Gaming.

Going into the 2021 LPL Spring Split, Suning’s roster has yet to be finalized. They parted ways with support SwordArt, who was transferred to TSM in the LCS, and signed Bilibili Gaming bot laner Jinjiao while Huanfeng is still officially on the main roster.

Suning overhauled its the coaching staff too, parting ways with coach Helper, head coach Chashao, who joined JD Gaming, and analyst ZYB.

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