Sion player experiences an auto-attack bug in League of Legends, almost loses the game as a result

Some bugs are just a pain in the neck.

Image via Riot Games

Popular multiplayer games and buggy interactions, name a more iconic duo. When it comes to gaming, glitches and issues are a common thing, and sometimes they can impact a game in a tremendous way.

The case is no different with League of Legends. With over 150 champions, numerous different interactions between them, and a vast map in the form of Summoner’s Rift, it’s not difficult to come across a major bug or two. In the clip via Dr_vanilla on Reddit, a glitch was found that almost led to the Sion player losing the game.

The video begins with the Undead Juggernaut using his ultimate in an attempt to backdoor the enemy base. After making it to the Nexus, he places the trinket ward, so that the allied Gangplank can teleport to aid Sion. Once they both are there, the game seems decided—with two AD-based champions that late in the game, no Nexus should stand for too long.

This, however, wasn’t true. Naturally, a couple of Sion and Gangplank’s opponents returned to stop their plans, but for the former champ, it was a bug that did it. The Undead Jaggernaut couldn’t finish more than a dozen auto-attack, while his ally died. Even his passive, Glory in Death, didn’t help, and the Nexus was left with 129 health.

Luckily for Sion and Gangplank, the game was won by their team no more than two minutes later, according to

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