Senna has only been played once in the LCK through week one

The Korean bot lanes have quite a different priority compared to the West.

Image via Riot Games

Across the competitive League of Legends scene, Senna and Aphelios were two of the most contested picks in the bottom lane. But the LCK showed that it had different plans for its meta by picking Senna only once through 26 total games.

In comparison, Senna and Aphelios dominated drafts in both the LEC and LCS—each champion was either picked or banned in all but one match during the first week of the 2020 Spring Split.

Senna was an especially powerful pick over these past three weeks due to her powerful kit for both laning and teamfighting. The Redeemer gave any team composition great healing, a global shield and damage ultimate, and good crowd control. She also scaled well into the late game due to her passive ability with souls.

The LCK still has Aphelios as the most picked or banned AD carry champion of the split so far. But like Senna, Miss Fortune has been widely used in 18 games over this week. Her priority has started to rise in other regions as well, but it is surprising to see Senna’s lack of stage presence.

We might see a dip in Senna usage in other regions, though. Riot Games released some big nerfs to the champion in the AD carry role this past patch, so teams might need to adjust their draft strategy for next week’s games.