Senna and Aphelios were picked or banned in all but one game during the first week of the 2020 LCS Spring Split

League's newest additions to the Rift had a big impact on this past weekend.

Image via Riot Games

Since their release, both Senna and Aphelios have been in the spotlight for both regular League of Legends solo queue play and professional play across the world. In fact, both champions were picked or banned in almost every single game during the opening weekend for the 2020 LCS Spring Split, except for one match.

Aphelios was played four times in week one and almost every team that played him was successful. The only team that failed to get a win was Evil Geniuses, who ended up getting dominated by Team Dignitas in a 28-minute match.

Image via Riot Games

Senna, on the other hand, was played eight times out of the 10 games during this past LCS weekend. The other two games, she was banned out. Her win rate is less than desirable, however, with five of those eight games ending in losses.

Both champions have been incredibly strong over the past few months since their releases. Aphelios’ damage has been a huge point of contention among the League community, and as a result, Riot Games has tried to nerf his damage output over the past few patches. In a similar fashion, AD carry Senna is getting nerfed again next patch because her scaling potential is simply too high for Riot’s liking.

In Europe, the story is the same. Aphelios has a 90 percent pick-ban rate, while Senna sits at 80 percent. The LEC also showed less variation in the bottom lane, with only five different ADCs being played throughout all of Friday and Saturday’s games.

We’ll need to see if Senna and Aphelios continue to become priority picks next week when the LEC and LCS return for week two of the 2020 Spring Split.