Samira is now available on League’s live servers

"Came all this way to die?"

Image via Riot Games

Samira, the Desert Rose, is finally hitting League of Legends’ live servers today in Patch 10.19 after being leaked in early August by Brazilian content creator Streamie.

The new champion was teased in June in Riot’s Champion Roadmap. Riot hinted at a marksman who seeks danger and uses ability combos to sweep enemies and get out alive.

Samira’s kit will bring a unique feel to many League players. She’s an ADC who wants to dash in, which is counterintuitive to the usual ADC role. Her passive is the first of its kind, where good play is rewarded with additional grades that give you bonus effects as it increases—and the last grade unlocks your ultimate.

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Samira is also the first champion to receive an extra ability instead of an emote. Her taunt allows you to toss a coin in the direction you’re facing after standing still for three seconds, dealing one true damage and giving the enemy champion hit one gold from your stash. This ability will proc your passive, so it could be used as an initiation tool.

You can hop onto Summoner’s Rift now and try out the newest sword and pistol-wielding bottom laner for yourself.