Rogue Warriors pick up unexpected victory over Top Esports in 2021 LPL Spring Split

JackeyLove tried his best to carry, but it wasn't enough.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Rogue Warriors bounced back from their disappointing loss to Team WE last week by unexpectedly taking down Top Esports 2-1 earlier today in the second week of 2021 LPL Spring Split.

As one of the LPL teams with the highest expectations heading into this season, TES were the favorite going into this League of Legends series. They started it off well by winning the first game and keeping the lead of the second one until the very end, but they couldn’t translate their next early leads into victories.

As expected, TES won their lanes in every game of the series, even when their players had a weak matchup against RW’s laners. World-class AD carry JackeyLove had clean performances on Kai’Sa, taking kills with his assassin playstyle even when he was at a clear disadvantage.

TES support Zhuo had solid engages throughout the series, but they weren’t always followed up by top laner 369 or the team in general. This could be explained by RW’s draft strategy, though.

“Top Esports have been playing together for a long time now, but Zhuo is a rookie player so we targeted Zhuo’s champion pool in the draft,” RW top laner Ziv said in the post-match interview.

Overall, it looked like TES weren’t exactly on the same page. The team fell apart after the end of the laning phases. This was even more noticeable in front of a team like RW that heavily overhauled its roster during the offseason but showed good synergy nonetheless.

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Screengrab via Riot Games

RW jungler Haro, the only player who remained on the roster after the 2020 season, appeared to be the cornerstone of the team’s success. He successfully secured multiple contested objectives with perfectly timed smites and unleashed tons of poke on the opponents with his Nidalee.

His performance granted him the MVP title of the second game, while former ViCi mid laner Forge was voted as the third game’s MVP thanks to his clutch ultimates on Twisted Fate.

Both RW and TES will play their next series on Friday, Jan. 15. Rogue Warriors will kick off the day by facing off against eStar Gaming at 3am CT, followed by TES vs. Rare Atom, formerly ViCi Gaming, at 5am CT.

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