RNG crush Anyone’s Legend to continue win streak in 2022 LPL Summer Split

RNG bagged their seventh consecutive win in the LPL.

Photo via Riot Games

Today’s League of Legends series between RNG and Anyone’s Legend in the LPL was a one-sided affair. With better teamwork and objective-based gameplay, RNG outplayed Anyone’s Legend to secure an easy 2-0 victory.

The entire RNG lineup performed exceptionally in the series. On his Vi pick, Wei’s jungling helped his team gain a quick Ocean Soul in game one. He also achieved an impressive 8/0/14 KDA while acting as RNG’s frontline. Xiaohu’s Taliyah was the main damage dealer for RNG. He went 11/1/11, picking off any out-of-position enemy champions in teamfights. 

While Anyone’s Legend couldn’t put up a solid counter to RNG in game one, the second game looked more promising for them. They even got the first two dragons to minimize RNG’s gold lead. Unfortunately, they got aced by RNG while looking to take down the third dragon and gave away a free Baron to the enemy team.

From there, the momentum shifted in RNG’s favor. Breathe’s Gwen and Xiaohu’s Lissandra were the key damage dealers before their team’s AD carry became fed. After getting his three key items, Gala was able to crush his enemies, even getting a quadra kill before his team destroyed Anyone’s Legend’s Nexus to earn back-to-back victories.

With this series win, RNG is now in third place in the 2022 LPL Summer Split table with an 11-2 record. They will hope to continue their winning streak when they face off against Invictus Gaming next on Aug.6 at 3.45am CT.

Anyone’s Legend will be disappointed with this loss. It marks their third continuous defeat and they are now placed seventh on the tables. Making a comeback in the next series will be a tough battle as they will take on an in-form JDG. It will be held on Aug. 7 from 6am CT.