Riot Games to create stand-alone governing body for college League of Legends esports

Riot Games continues its support of esports at the collegiate level.

Photo via Riot Games

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Following the NCAA’s decision to not get involved in collegiate League of Legends esports, it looks like Riot Games is taking matters into its own hands. The company behind the popular MOBA is creating its own governing body for the college League scene, according to sources from SBJDaily.

The governing body will be completely controlled by Riot, but will remain as a separate division, like how North America’s LCS is separate from Europe’s LEC or South Korea’s LCK.

Additionally, the collegiate governing body will be in charge of maintaining relationships with the various schools participating in the league. It’ll have an external advisory board featuring college sports and higher education experts in order to aid with these processes.

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Riot has always shown support for esports at the college level. At the beginning of the year, the company said that it was going to sponsor more university League of Legends leagues in 2019, while also hosting more North American boot camps in order to expose solo queue players to professional teams and coaching.

Many fans are happy see that Riot is ready and willing to help aspiring pro players reach their full potential, and that it doesn’t need the NCAA to do so.