Riot releases champion trailer for Bel’Veth, League’s next jungler

“You crave death.”

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is finally getting a new Void champion for the first time in four years—and she’s arriving soon. Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void, is League’s new jungler, first teased in the September 2021 Champion Roadmap. After a cinematic was released last week and her full ability list was leaked, players can now check out the champion trailer that Riot posted today.

“All your lives, you have chased your own destruction,” Bel’Veth says as she prepares to land on Summoner’s Rift. “At long last, I am here.”

The trailer combines animated close-ups of the empress with gameplay footage that showcases her abilities against other League champions. First, she dashes toward an enemy Renata Glasc, slowing her down and dealing AoE damage to finish the job. The trailer then cuts to a scene of her fighting an opposing Kayn in the jungle, knocking him up and chasing him down the river with her dash. In the top lane, she protects an allied Akshan from a Malphite with the same dash and AoE combo.

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In the next section of the trailer, it looks like she has her ultimate ability (reportedly named Endless Banquet) activated, unlocking her true form as the Void itself. Her other abilities appear buffed, as well as her life and resistance to damage, and she visually changes into a version that is both classier and more sinister, with gold accents and a darker shade of purple. That version takes flight over Summoner’s Rift again at the end of the trailer.

Though no release date has been officially revealed yet, Bel’Veth should be coming to League in the next few weeks. She will be the first Void champion since Kai’Sa came out in March 2018.