Riot Games reveals Pantheon’s new visual and gameplay rework

Pantheon is now the Unbreakable Spear.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been nine long years since Pantheon was first released in League of Legends, but Riot Games is finally giving him a full visual and gameplay rework. The developer revealed a full behind-the-scenes video detailing how the team modernized Pantheon’s kit “while maintaining the warrior within.” Riot showed off the champion’s new theme song as well.

For Pantheon’s backstory, Riot has summarized all of his existing lore and used it as the first half of his new lore. For context, Pantheon is actually a human soldier named Atreus who had been possessed by the Aspect of War. In this new update, the Aspect died in a battle with Aatrox but Atreus returned with control over his own body and the powers that the Aspect of War gave him.

His kit has also been changed up completely, from his basic Q, W, and E abilities to his iconic Grand Skyfall. His ultimate is now called Grand Starfall and it’s reminiscent of his old ultimate except now, he comes in at an angle and streaks across the ground.

“He actually causes a lot of impacts on the ground,” Animator Jason Chisholm said. “By having these grounded elements, it helps him from feeling too magical, too godly, and too heavenly, when most importantly he is just a very strong warrior.”

Gameplay designer Bryan “Axes” Salvatore explained that the team is excited to see how players react to the new changes. Much of the new kit is similar to old Pantheon, but he now requires a bit more “skill expression.” Get ready to jump onto the battlefield with the Aspect of War very soon.