Riot details implemented and upcoming changes to League client, addresses performance expectations

The client is still messy, but adjustments are continuing throughout the year.

The League of Legends client is the main entry point for players into all that the game has to offer, yet over the past year, it has been a crucial topic within the community for its stability and overall performance.

In the seventh blog post of the client update information series, Riot Am1t, Id, Aotus, and Failed Execution detailed changes that have been implemented to improve the quality of the League client for all players. Although many of these alterations behind-the-scenes have been small, they act as the groundwork for what is needed to bring the client up to current standards—as was the goal set with the initial announcement of the client cleanup.

The team behind the client stability changes emphasized in this post the importance of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), which essentially acts the central web browser for the client from which all other performance-altering programs mechanisms stem.

“Updating CEF is the single most impactful individual change we can make to improve the client, both in terms of direct benefits and unlocking our ability to make other improvements,” the team said.

By updating the current CEF, the client will more easily perform certain tasks that it was created to do, including reductions in crashes, improving FPS for all players, increasing animation performance, and use users’ CPUs in more efficiently. Riot hopes to have these changes implemented by the end of July.

The Social panel was also a topic of discussion by the team, due to its frequent “failure to connect” messages and inability to properly display players’ friends lists over the past few months. Their long-term goal is to completely revamp the coding behind the Social panel, but as of now, they have resolved numerous glaring problems that players have encountered, such as the connection issues and correcting individual statuses.

Riot briefly touched on Javascript errors, caused predominantly by client crashes, acknowledging that the number has been reduced greatly since preseason, but is still at a rate that is inconsistent with the values that they have in terms of client stability.

For future 2021 endeavors, the team is looking to tackle the prominent issue of players’ games freezing and crashing following a victory or defeat, as well as the infrequent occurrence that players load into champ select later than others. These are planned to be worked on later in the year, with updates expected in coming months.

League players are currently able to explore the Space Groove event that introduces the new champion: the Hallowed Seamstress, Gwen.