Gwen is now available on League’s live servers

"Head high, chin up, scissors ready."

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to cut your opponents down and sew together some wins on Summoner’s Rift because Riot’s newest champion Gwen finally hit League of Legends’ live servers today following the drop of Patch 11.8.

The Hallowed Seamstress is one of three new champions that will be released this year that are connected to the return of Viego. In the lore, Gwen is a doll made by Isolde, the wife of the Ruined King. She doesn’t remember a lot about her past, but she does remember that things were happy—for a while.

Eventually, the events of the Ruination occur and Gwen is lost at sea. In time, however, she’s brought to life by magical means. As she realizes her predicament and starts to piece together what happened to her maker, she sets off on a quest to stop the Black Mist and take down Viego once and for all.

As a doll turned human, Gwen uses the tools of her maker to fight the forces of evil—and your enemies in solo queue. The champion is a bit of a squishy AP laner with a great amount of damage, but she also has plenty of ways to avoid damage and pull off some nasty outplays.

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Gwen will be a part of the new Space Groove skin line, which should be available for purchase once she goes live today. If you’re looking for the full list of changes coming with Patch 11.8, check them out here.

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