Gwen’s full abilities have been unveiled—and they’ll leave enemies in stitches

It's time to reap what you sew.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ upcoming champ will definitely teach players how to thread the needle.

Riot showcased Gwen last week, a doll-turned-person who will snip-snip the competition. While fans already got a first look at her abilities in her champion gameplay trailer, Riot released her full kit today.

The Hallowed Seamstress’ passive, Thousand Cuts, is two-fold, allowing her basic attacks to deal bonus on-hit magic damage based on a percentage of her health and heal for some of the damage dealt.

Gwen’s Snip Snip! (Q) allows her to snip her scissors two to six times, dealing magic damage in a cone. While the ability starts off with two snips, it adds one snip per basic attack that Gwen lands on the enemy. Victims caught in the center of each snip will take true damage and bonus magic damage from her passive.

Hallowed Mist (W) will be at the center of outplays, working similar to Xin Zhao’s ultimate. Gwen surrounds herself with a mist for five seconds, gaining armor and magic resist while inside of it. Enemies outside of the mist can’t target the seamstress or hit her with any abilities. And the mist will follow Gwen the first time she tries to leave it but disappears the next time.

A squishy laner wouldn’t be complete without a dash. Gwen’s Skip ‘n Slash (E) allows her to dash a short distance and empowers her attacks with increased range, speed, and on-hit magic damage for four seconds. Players who land an attack on an enemy during those four seconds will refund Skip ‘n Slash’s cooldown by 50 percent.

And for enemies that thought they could escape Gwen, her Needlework ultimate puts that idea to rest. The ability can be cast up to three times, firing needles in a line that deal magic damage, slow enemies, and apply the Thousand Cuts bonus magic damage. The first cast only fires one needle, the second three, and the final cast five, for nine potential needles and nine total applications of Thousand Cuts. The only catch is that players need to hit an enemy with the ultimate within eight seconds to unlock the next cast.

Gwen is sure to offer plenty of outplay potential, using her Hallowed Mist and dash resets to dodge CC while also dealing plenty of damage. And since she has relatively good mobility and a slow, she can easily close the gap on a squishy carry.

The Hallowed Seamstress should hit the Rift’s live servers with the release of Patch 11.8 on April 14, according to the official patch schedule.

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