Riot releases first look at Gwen’s abilities in League with new champion gameplay trailer

"I won't take her gift for granted."

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games just introduced Gwen as the next character to join League of Legends’ growing champion pool—and she’s ready to sew together some wins for her team on Summoner’s Rift. But League fans also got a sneak peek at Gwen’s abilities in another trailer released today.

The Hallowed Seamstress was created by Isolde, who was the wife of Viego the Ruined King in Runeterran lore. Gwen was a beautifully-made doll that was long forgotten after the death of Isolde but came to life after being lost in the Black Mist.

From what we can see in the video, Gwen uses scissors to snip away at her enemies as a possible basic attack. She also has a projectile attack where she launches a plethora of needles at her unfortunate opponents. There’s even an unusual ability where she creates a bubble underneath her, but it’s unclear exactly what this does.

That ability can be compared to Xin Zhao’s ultimate, according to popular League content creator Redmercy. Xin Zhao’s R ability makes him invulnerable to any champions that are more than 450 units away from him.

In the video, it does seem like she becomes invulnerable to crowd control and damage when that bubble is active—like when she avoids Maokai’s ultimate and Elise’s spiderling. But it’s unknown if this is her ultimate ability.

It looks like Gwen has a dash ability that gives her a good amount of mobility when chasing down enemy champions or when running away from a lost teamfight. In a previously leaked video, Redmercy also confirmed that Gwen is going to be an AP-based champion. But Riot previously said that the next champ after Viego would be an AP skirmisher “tailor-made for top lane.”

Keep your eyes open for the official reveal of Gwen’s abilities in the coming days.

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