Riot to buff Braum, Sion, Urgot, and Varus in League’s Patch 10.20

A mixed bag of champions is getting some love in next week's patch.

Image via Riot Games

With the Worlds 2020 patch finally out the way, Riot is knuckling down on League of Legends solo queue.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed all of the changes coming to Patch 10.20 last night, outlining the tentative buff list for next week. Braum, Sion, Urgot, and Varus can all look forward to some adjustments in the upcoming patch. 

Braum has fallen to a sorry 48.58 percent win rate in solo queue, 31st in the support position. He’s left much to be desired and has been in need of a buff. In Patch 10.20, Riot is increasing the Heart of Flejord’s Winter’s Bite damage (Q) from 60 to 260 to 75 to 275 and lowing its mana cost from 55 to 75 to 45 to 65. This should give Braum players an easier time in the laning phase, allowing them to stay afloat without running out of mana.

Sion and Urgot are receiving jungle-orientated buffs in Patch 10.20, focusing on monster damage. 

Riot is increasing Sion’s Decimating Smash (Q) damage to monsters from 100 to a massive 150 percent. While this is most definitely a buff to Sion jungle, it should also improve his standing in the top lane. 

As for Urgot, Riot is increasing his passive monster cap from 60 to 360 to 100 to 370, and adding a 50 damage minimum to monsters on his Purge (W) ability. This shouldn’t make a great deal of a difference, but the extra damage is welcomed in the jungle. 

Varus is another champion that’s fallen off recently, with bigger and better bot laners taking over. Ezreal, Ashe, and Senna have dominated, while Varus has descended to the bottom of the tables. In Patch 10.20, Riot is increasing Varus’ Hail of Arrows (E) damage from 50 to 210 to 60 to 220 and reducing the cooldown on his Chain of Corruption (R) from 130 to 70 to 120 to 60. These are certainly nice buffs, but Varus may need a little more before he’s truly back in business. 

The patch preview is tentative and liable to change before 10.20 hits the live servers on Wednesday, Sept. 30