Renegades Case for the LCS

This season in NA Challenger Series there were only two teams with value, Team Coast and Renegades.

This season in NA Challenger Series there were only two teams with value, Team Coast and Renegades. Both teams displayed the skills to compete in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, but in the end, it was the MonteCristo’s squad who took home the 2015 Summer Challenger Series Championship.

Top – Oleksii “RF” Kuziuta

Jungle – Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo

Mid – Aleksei “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin

ADC – Ainslie “Maplestreet” Wyllie

Support – Maria “Remilia” Creveling

The finals were played in all 5 games. Team Coast was leading 2-1, but Maple’s Kalista in the 4th game was lethal. In the 5th game, Alex Ich picked Yasuo and the whole mid game was followed by incredibly chaotic fights. There were 10 kills in the first 15 minutes. The interesting thing is that Crumbz bought Zeke’s as 3rd item while Alex was carrying only Statikk Shiv for crit chance. In the late game when Alex was split pushing, Crumbz was using Zeke’s on almost full build Tristana. MapleStreet went 10-0-6, picked up MVP Finals title, and Renegades took the direct spot for LCS after beating Team Coast 3:2.

First Female LCS Player

Renegades is a brand and already a very popular team because of its well-known names, and Maria will surely bring them even more fans. There are a lot of controversies and discussions about how this will affect the LCS policy because of the precedent where a female appears on a team for the first time. However, what is important is that the only thing visible on Summoners Rift is skill, and not the person who is producing it. The competitive stage is different, and it is important that everyone has the same rights. Remilia can surely be the top 3 Thresh players in LCS. The feeling for shot calls she has is remarkable. In the semi-final against Team Imagine, she was the most responsible for their win thanks to the clutch hook on ManCloud. LCS is a long story, Spring Split 2016 will last around three months and it will be very interesting to see how she will adjust to the whole LoL eSport system. We are expecting Remilia’s first interview next season.

Professional LCS Booster – Alex Ich, and “The Prophet”

Daddy in the game, and outside of the game. The legend from the season 2 and 3 that has already been on the Worlds two times. His passion and dedication to eSports is something that will always be a driving force in this industry and that will attract players, spectators, and fans. The substitute for TDK before LCS, Alex will be able to compete without any doubt on the mid lane with Bjergsen, Pobelter or Fenix. With his duo partner Crumbz, he represents the cornerstone that will allow Renegades to function in the long run. The popular “The Prophet” at the analyst’s desk from the last season had the greatest desire to return to LCS and, as he says, that was his biggest success: “I have already had a lot of experience playing on team Dignitas, but this is a completely different story. With these people it is a pleasure to work and play.”

The weakest link on their team is the top laner, RF, who lacks in experience in professional games and team ranks. “I don’t have much experience playing on teams that were as dedicated as this, but so far it’s been a great experience as far as team environment goes,” agrees RF. “Nobody really holds grudges against each other. Of course there will be fights and disagreements but everyone moves on and helps each other out to fix whatever needs to be fixed.” RF Legendary used to stream tons of solo q games and he is a really good mechanical player, which will be interesting to see in LCS against top players like Zion Spartan, Quas or Dyrus.

Season 6 starts in about 6 months and Riot games doesn’t know yet if there will be any other additional teams or rules.

At the end of the year the biggest competition, season 5 Worlds Championship will be held and this time it will take place in Europe.