Pobelter pulls off the perfect teleport flank to carry CLG over Team Liquid in week seven of the 2020 Spring Split

Put some respect on the notorious POB.

Photo via Riot Games

Remember when Pobelter announced that he would be starting the 2020 League of Legends Spring Split teamless? We all remember. And now, he has led the last-placed Counter Logic Gaming to a huge upset victory over a surging Team Liquid after pulling off an incredible teleport play to seal the game.

Before the weekend began, Liquid announced that it was going to bench veteran star AD carry Doublelift in exchange for Academy bottom laner Edward “Tactical” Ra. The 19-year old ADC had a good debut last weekend, and was given a chance to prove that it wasn’t a fluke.

Meanwhile, CLG also made a big roster move by replacing longtime member Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes on the starting roster with Oh “Wind” Myeong-jin. Both rosters were coming in with something to prove, but this time, it was the Notorious P.O.B. and company who came out on top.

Early on, CLG looked surprisingly proactive with their plays, getting early leads for Pobelter through some good skirmishing and decision making. They also focused in on Tactical, giving him two quick deaths in the opening minutes of the match. But as the game rolled on, the game pace slowed down significantly.

CLG managed to take three elder dragons and two Barons but was never confident enough to pull the trigger and hard engage on Liquid’s composition. As a result, the game lagged on for over 50 minutes until Pobelter decided that enough was enough and pulled off a brilliant teleport flank to secure himself a game-winning triple kill.

For Liquid, this was another big loss that has derailed Liquid’s rise to the top once more. Tactical didn’t have too much agency in the game, but we’ll have to see how the whole team adapts when they face off against Immortals on Monday Night League.