Physical copies of Zed comic now available for pre-order in Riot merch store

"When the war came, I was ready because I had lost my innocence long ago..."

There’s a new piece of lore heading to the Riot Games merchandise store— another addition to League of Legends‘ ever-expanding universe. Physical copies of the company’s newest comic about Zed can be pre-ordered today.

Anyone can read all six issues of the exciting comic online on the official League universe comic page, but for people who want to add another piece of the game’s lore to their collection of memorabilia, this is one that you won’t want to miss. The pre-order will come with all six issues, and will cost $15.99 USD—any orders made should ship out by Tuesday, June 30.

Image via Riot Games and Marvel Entertainment

Zed’s comic explores the origins of the shadowy assassin, and his road from the honorable Kinkou Order to becoming one of the most feared people in Ionia. It also dives head-first into his perpetual battle with the diabolical virtuoso, Jhin Khada, and how he must settle old differences with former allies in order to take down one of his greatest nemesis.

image via Riot Games and Marvel Entertainment

This is Riot’s third comic series, part of a partnership with Marvel.

The last comic series Riot released was based on Lux and her tumultuous relationship with her brother, her aunt, and Demacia’s hate towards magic. Her comic was available through various online retailers, local comic book stores, and Riot’s merch store as well.