Oh My God pick up first win of 2021 LPL Summer Split with upset over Invictus Gaming

TheShy's absence is being felt by IG fans.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Oh My God picked up a 2-1 series win over the 2018 world champions, who have been looking uncoordinated throughout this Split’s games.

Invictus Gaming’s TheShy was unable to make it for the start of the 2021 LPL Summer Split. Thus, the team is fielding rookie top laner Zhao “neny” Zhi-Hao. While he’s relatively stable presence and stands tall against his opponents, it’s not enough for IG to win games. The team is all about powerful solo laners who demolish their opponents and with one missing piece in the top lane, they can’t seem to execute their strategy as well.

The first MVP vote was picked up by mid-laner Lian “Creme” Jian, who used Akali to destroy IG in teamfights. His flanks and executes were performed really well, scattering his opponents who had no plan to deal with this mobile assassin. Creme finished the game with a 6/1/7 KDA and a 3,000 gold lead over Rookie in the mid lane. The second MVP vote went to support Liu “Cold” Shi-Yu, who used Rell to dominate the opposing bottom lane and take control in teamfights. His map control and roaming ganks were crucial in securing today’s series win.

The first game was the Akali show. The champion has been popping up in all major regions, having one of the highest presences alongside one of the highest win rates. Most red side teams ban it out so that their opponents don’t first pick, but the champion keeps slipping through ban phases with the blue team passing it away sometimes. Creme was able to snowball early on and then use his lead to demolish side lanes. His damage coupled with huge mobility proved to be a difficult challenge for IG to deal with, who fell in the first game.

IG adjusted their draft in the second match after being demolished in the first game. With a controlled playstyle and early game skirmish wins, IG was able to equalize the series in 22 minutes. Going into the third game OMG banned the problematic picks from the second game and after a mid-game teamfight win, were able to snowball the match out of control and closed out the series 2-1.

OMG (1-1) will face RNG (0-0) on Wednesday, June 16. The MSI champions missed the first week of the Split due to quarantine and are finally back in action. Tune in at 4am CT to see this match.

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