New Teamfight Tactics Class and Origin revealed: Mage and Ocean

Set Two of the autobattler is coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

Set Two of Teamfight Tactics is introducing a new cast of characters, origins, and classes, as well as a bigger hex board. And now, fans have gotten their first look at the Ocean Mage.

Riot Games allowed various content creators to reveal new and exciting information about the future of the autobattler today. YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jonas “Sp4zie” Ring released a video that highlights the new Mage class, while speculating on the Ocean origin.

The Mage class gives units a chance to double cast their ability. The three-unit bonus gives a 50-percent chance while the six-unit bonus provides a 100-percent chance.

“You can probably think of it as a replacement of the Sorcerer that we have currently,” Sp4zie said. “I think it just makes it more visceral than the Sorcerers we have now… If you have low mana cost units, this is gonna be quite nutty.”

Sp4zie also revealed three units that will be a part of the Mage class: Veigar, Syndra, and Vladimir.

In the TFT update for League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary, players can see a brief teaser of new units, classes, and origins in action. While Sp4zie doesn’t know exactly what the Ocean origin does, he speculates that the Ocean trait may give units extra mana regeneration.

“We can take a look at Vladimir here, who’s also about to use his ability,” Sp4zie said. “So he gets really low because everyone’s focusing him and then he instantly gets a crap ton of mana.”

Veigar will also be a part of the Shadow Origin, but no information on that has been revealed yet.

Set Two will go to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon and hit the live servers in early November.

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