New Prime Gaming skin shard available in League of Legends today

There will be 23 skin shards left to claim this year.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players are now able to claim the latest piece of in-game loot from Prime Gaming

Another mystery skin shard is now available for players to receive through Prime Gaming. The skin shard is guaranteed to be for a champion you already own on your League account and can also be rerolled with other skin shards you own to add a permanent skin to your inventory.

To claim today’s skin shard, you must be signed up for Amazon Prime and your account must be linked to your League account. To claim a skin shard for yourself, you’ll need to click the blue “Claim Now” button on the Prime Gaming loot page after you’ve linked your Riot and Prime accounts. From there, launch League and enter the Hextech Crafting Menu to find your skin shard waiting for you under the “Materials” tab. 

Riot and Amazon Prime are planning to make approximately three skin shards available per month. So far through 2021, 13 skin shards have been released to Prime subscribers. The final skin shard for the month of May is set to be released on May 21, with another one coming on June 1.

Riot and Prime Gaming are partnering for 23 more skin shards between today and the start of next year. The Prime Gaming skin shard promotion will last through the month of January 2022. Prime Gaming members can also take advantage of new in-game loot in other titles, such as Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and VALORANT.

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