The new Guinsoo’s Rageblade is totally broken on Jhin

It's called the Jhinsoo's Rageblade now.

Image via Riot Games

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Guinsoo’s Rageblade was reworked last week in Patch 8.6. While Riot still intended for it to be a strong attack speed item, its raw power on Jhin—a champion that doesn’t actually use attack speed—may have slipped through the cracks.

Since the new Guinsoo’s is still technically an attack speed and on-hit damage item, it makes sense that the discovery of its power on Jhin may have taken a little while. The thing is though, it’s actually ridiculously broken. All attack speed is converted to more AD on Jhin through his passive, and that’s where things get crazy.

With a Guinsoo’s on-hand, Jhin’s AD can reach absurd levels between 1,200 and 1,300 on average in a game, dubbing this newly-reworked item the Jhinsoo’s Rageblade. Jhin is the captain now.

How does his AD reach such high peaks, you may ask? That’s because of the Rageblade’s new scaling feature. In order to make the item more of a late-game purchase, rather than a first item rush on the likes of Varus and Kog’Maw, Riot converted much of its on-hit damage, as well as the buffs granted from its stacks, to scaling damage stats rather than flat damage, AP, or AD.

Now, the on-hit damage from the item scales with bonus AD, and each stack provides more bonus AD as well as attack speed. Not only that, but the item itself still provides 25 flat AD and 25 percent attack speed before any stacks even begin. Let’s do the math.

Each stack boosts Jhin’s AD twice—once for the bonus AD percentage boost, and again after the stack’s attack speed has been converted to AD from his passive. At a maximum number of six stacks, that means Jhin’s AD has been boosted 12 times, and twice more from the item’s base 25 AD and 25 percent attack speed. That’s a grand total of 14 boosts to his AD.

That alone is enough to crank his AD up to around 1,300 when you reach late-game, but that’s not all. The item’s on-hit damage scales with bonus AD, too, so while his AD was being boosted over and over again, so was the item’s on-hit damage.

Now, imagine Jhin firing his fourth shot while at 1,300 AD and with additional on-hit damage that’s been boosted 14 times through his AD. With the Guinsoo’s Rage item ability, that fourth shot can trigger the on-hit damage twice, too, which is even more terrifying.

In one of our test-runs in an unranked draft queue, we were dealing over 3,500 damage with the fourth shot, and each regular attack was still extremely high, too, just not quite that high. So, go lock in Jhin in solo queue if you want some free LP, before this gets hotfixed.

If your team doesn’t want him make sure to ban him, because he’s the scariest thing in the game right now.