Minions BM an enemy team with emotes and leave one League player puzzled

Report those minions for griefing.

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player on the Japanese client recently noticed that their minions did something different than usual after they aced the enemy team.

Imagine getting aced by the enemy team, but as you’re getting aced and are at the gray screen, you see your enemies’ minions add to the BM with emotes celebrating your death. Well, one League player recently saw this happen.

“I was playing a game today and after acing the enemy team, our minions popped Emotes. I have never, in my 3k or so hours playing this game, noticed this before,” u/Frettchen001666 wrote on Reddit. “I have switched my client to Japanese a few days ago, so it could also be a Japan only feature.”

A surprising, yet entertaining add-on to getting aced by the enemy team, questions surrounding this spectacle were quickly cleared through the comment section on Reddit when the community realized the date that’s coming up soon: April 1.

The minion emotes appear to be one of the surprises highlighted in the Patch 12.6 notes, where it read, “heard norms are looking kinda sus this week, gonna go check that out.”

The new minion emotes align well with League’s usual April Fools’ Day festivities. Last year, League hosted a Space Groove event to promote its line of Space Groove skins, alongside the popular One-for-All game mode. This year, this minion BM is possibly League’s newest practical joke for April Fools’ Day.

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