LoL players want season 14 to focus on ‘state of the community’

It would make a huge difference.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends community certainly isn’t known as the nicest in gaming, with many toxic players and smurfs all around the place. As a result, some players want Riot Games to focus on fixing it in the next season.

One player began a discussion on Reddit on May 10, where they pointed out the game is actually really fun right now. Yet, the thing that keeps ruining League for them is the player base, asking the devs to focus on the “state of the community.”

“I feel like balancing is at a pretty good spot and new updates like Neeko bring fresh gameplay to the rift,” the author stated. “But it feels like this is the worst it’s ever been for the community,” they added. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to disagree with them. League‘s community has been complaining about toxicity in lobbies and the influx of smurfing accounts for years now, and it feels like the issue has been growing lately.

Another issue in League right now is bot accounts, which were underlined by players in the comments. “Amount of blatantly botted lvl 30-40 accounts with 80%+ winrate in high diamond/masters is actually insane,” one of the top comments reads. Other players underline how Riot not having an algorithm to detect and ban them is atrocious.

Still, the author echoes the sentiment we all share—we enjoy League. We wouldn’t be playing it and following the pro scene if we actually didn’t have fun. That’s actually the main argument behind this whole plea. “We all play League of Legends because it’s special to us and we should do everything we can to keep it that way.”

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Many players want the devs to fix the community, so it doesn’t push us away from the game. And we can’t help but agree that any possible improvements would make a difference for the better.

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