Riot devs plotting Neeko jungle shuffle after LoL trickster’s ban rate spikes

"Everyone fears Neeko now! Hahaha!"

Image via Riot Games

Since the start of League of Legends season 13, we’ve seen many champion adjustments and game-breaking changes cause rifts across the Rift. With Neeko’s mid-scope arrival, players expected to see the Curious Chameleon’s pick, ban, and win rates soar. Unfortunately, that hasn’t entirely been the case, and Riot Games has taken notice.

Riot Phroxzon, one of League’s balancing devs, released early details for the upcoming patch, 13.10, and there is, thankfully, a Neeko adjustment heading to Summoner’s Rift.

While Neeko is generally a mid laner, she can be played in other roles. And that’s where the main issue lies—with Neeko jungle. In fact, Neeko jungle is the most banned League champion in Patch 13.9, and so Riot is making changes.

Her new kit offers several fun and unique ways for Neeko to disguise herself as seemingly unsuspicious objects, like blast cones, and take out her enemies before they even have time to react. This, among other things, has left many players unhappy with Neeko jungle and is why she’s been banned from 17.6 percent of League games.

But that’s not all. Even though she’s been let through more often than not, Neeko jungle has an appalling win rate of just 42.15 percent, according to League stat tracking site U.GG. Neeko mid has also suffered; the chameleon now has a win rate of 48.97 percent, which is actually fractionally worse than her win rate in Patch 13.8 before she was changed. Neeko support has also dropped a few tiers since Patch 13.9.

So, while we don’t yet know what adjustments Neeko jungle will receive in Patch 13.10, we know they’re necessary to make Neeko a champion that people want to pick and can succeed with—and want to play against too.

Because, as it stands, this Neeko midscope has turned out to be quite… mid.


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