LoL devs to revamp numerous Mythic, Legendary items amid Patch 13.10 changes

Prepare for some major changes.

Image via Riot Games

A handful of items are getting adjustments in League of Legends Patch 13.10, according to Riot Games lead game designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison.

As always in a pre-patch week, Phroxzon shed some light on the changes in the next update. On May 9 he revealed some items will be getting large adjustments, including Mythic items for assassins, while others will receive small changes, like Mythics for fighters.

When it comes to large item adjustments, assassin, AD carry, and support mains will need to get ready for a revamp. Their Mythics and Legendaries have found themselves on the list, but the exact changes aren’t known yet and are likely to be revealed in the coming days. Luckily for assassins, they will only have their Mythic items changed, while the other two roles will have both their Mythics and Legendaries impacted.

Mages, tanks, and fighters have fewer reasons to worry since their items will only receive small adjustments. When it comes to the former class, mage Legendaries and their components will be updated, with only tank Legendaries being tweaked. Fighter champions could be impacted the most out of the three classes since both their Mythics and Legendaries are on the list.

With so many item changes scheduled for Patch 13.10, it’s tough to predict what influence they will have on the meta, especially since three new items will be joining the game. “Similar to the Durability Update, we wanted to solve several player painpoints and to add some exciting content,” Phroxzon said.

It goes without saying League’s meta will once again be shaken up one way or another, but we’ll have to sit and wait to learn more about the details.

Patch 13.10 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, May 17.


Mateusz Miter
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