Riot to introduce three new items and a bot lane classic in LoL Patch 13.10

Bot lane duos will have some new toys to bring into battle.

Image via Riot Games

Next week, League of Legends fans will need to catch up on the patch notes and prepare for new additions to the game’s growing shop. Supports and AD carry enthusiasts alike will be getting new tech to play with when Patch 13.10 drops, along with a classic item that should bring a feeling of nostalgia to marksmen across the globe.

Riot Phroxzon revealed several changes on May 9, ahead of the next patch cycle.

When the next League update releases, supports will get to practice with a new set of items, including a new Mythic item called Echoes of Helia, along with two epic support items called Lifewell Pendant and Chalice of Blessing.

The new Mythic will be a great choice for any enchanters who want to deal a bit more damage along with healing their allies due to its unique Soul Siphon passive. This passive lets players collect Soul Shards whenever they damage an enemy, encouraging more aggressive play from supports. Once they acquire two shards, their next heal or shield will apply bonus healing while also dealing magic damage to the nearest enemy.

The Chalice of Blessing is a necessary item component for Echoes of Helia, and gives 200 health, 75 percent base mana regeneration, and gives 25 percent base health regeneration for every additional 25 percent base mana regen you have.

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Lifewell Pendant, on the other hand, is more focused on strengthening tank supports with 150 health, 20 armor, and 100 percent base health regeneration. This item will also build into the Legendary tank item Knight’s Vow, which allows you to choose an ally to become “worthy.” That “worthy” teammate will now have 10 percent of all damage redirected to the item holder, while 10 percent of their damage dealt will heal you.

Lastly, ADC players will finally get their hands on one of the more iconic marksman items from League, Statikk Shiv. This electric Legendary item will be bringing back its classic energized attack that is charged up from attacking enemies and moving around the Summoner’s Rift. Once fully charged, this item will release chain lightning that will deal bonus magic damage and strike six to 12 targets.

League‘s Patch 13.10 is set to release on Wednesday, May 17.

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