LoL might never be the same again after these system changes in Patch 13.10

Buckle up.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 13.10 for League of Legends will introduce major changes when it goes live on May 17. Some details for this more comprehensive overhaul were revealed by Riot Games developer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on Twitter, May 9.

The lead designer for the game didn’t go into specifics, though we can already tell the gameplay might never look the same again as eight different systems will be landing on the workbench (though, one is delayed for Patch 13.11). “Similar to the Durability Update, we wanted to solve several player painpoints and to add some exciting content,” Phroxzon explained.

These changes will start impacting the game right from the two beginnings of Summoner’s Rift, since Homeguard timer and mana regeneration on the fountain will be impacted. Early game will also see some tweaks, with minion speed before the 14-minute mark also getting changed, alongside tower plating durability.

Besides, other parts of the map will be having adjustments, with Blastcone spawn timer also getting updated. Laners will have to keep their guard up in the laning phase, with trinkets set to be tweaked, alongside Unleashed Teleport, which is a primary tool for top and mid laners.

The only system delayed to Patch 13.11 is buff sharing, and we’ll likely get more details about it after Patch 13.10 goes live on May 17.

If they were introduced on their own, these changes probably wouldn’t impact the gameplay that much, but when added all together, they might have a huge impact on the game. Although without any details so far, we can only guess.

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The update will also introduce new items while revamping a lot of other ones as well. More information should about Patch 13.10 should come this week.

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