League player showcases their massive collection of unopened loot from 2021

All of the loot was later opened on stream.

Over the course of 2021, there have been a ton of loot drops for players in League of Legends.

While most people would open these gifts from Riot immediately, one League player shared their complete list of unopened loot from the year.

In the post, bsshark showcased their loot page with ton of drops to open. According to their post, each year bsshark collects each loot drop to open all at once at the end of the year.

A Riot team member even chimed in on the post, congratulating the player for working up an impressive collection but joking that it is making their job a lot harder. When pressed by other commenters on why, the Riot team member explained that it “makes it impossible to retire certain Loot items from our catalog for cleaner file management since people will always have them”.

You can check out the full opening of all of the streamers loot in a VOD from their channel. Here is a complete list of bsshark’s 2021 collection courtesy of their Reddit post.

  • 16th place clash orb x2
  • First place clash orb x2
  • Second place classh orb x1
  • Third place clash orb x3
  • Fourth place clash orb x1
  • Fifth place clash capsule x2
  • Fifth place clash orb x1
  • Sixth place clash orb x1
  • Seventh place clash orb x3
  • Hextech Chest x25
  • Arcane Capsule x2
  • Battle Queens 2020 Orb x14
  • Champion Capsule x90
  • Cosmic Companions Egg x1
  • Coven 2021 Orb x16
  • Dragonmancer 2021 Orb x12
  • Esports Capsule x110
  • Eternals Series 1 Capsule x11
  • Glorious Champions Capsule x12
  • Chest x74
  • Hextech Mystery Emote x8
  • Honor Level 3 Capsule x1
  • Honor Level 3 Orb x3
  • Honor Level 4 Capsule x1
  • Honor Level 4 Orb x3
  • Honor Level 5 Capsule x2
  • Honor Level 5 Capsule x1
  • Honor Level 5 Orb x5
  • Ingenious Inventors Egg x3
  • Little Legends Series 1-6 x1
  • Little Legends Series 1-7 x1
  • Lunar Beast 2021 Orb x14
  • Masterwork Chest x10
  • Prime Gaming Capsule x1
  • Prime Gaming Little Legends Egg x1
  • Project 2021 Orb x10
  • Random Champion Shard x1
  • Random Skin Shard x22
  • Ruined 2021 Orb x8
  • Sentinels 2021 Orb x5
  • Space Groove 2021 Orb x13
  • Worlds 2021 Orb x7
  • Worlds Reward Capsule x66
  • Honor 5 Token x2
  • Key Fragment x89
  • Prestige Points x550
  • Keys x43
  • Skin Fragments x146 (+4 from Arcane)
  • Orange Essences x25,654
  • Rare Gemstones x33
  • Blue Essences x205,000
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