League player rerolls Shamrock Malphite skin shard into Shamrock Malphite

The gods have spoken to him today.

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player received a sign from the gods today after getting the same skin they wanted to get rid of.

After using the Hextech Crafting tool to reroll three unwanted skins, including a Shamrock Malphite skin shard, the player got the Shamrock Malphite skin in return, alongside some Orange Essence.

The Hextech Crafting tool, implemented in 2016, gives players the chance to obtain skins, wards, emotes, or other goodies by using the shards that they don’t want to activate. With plenty of ways to obtain skin shards nowadays, players tend to find themselves with a stacked-up inventory of various champions that they don’t play. You can sacrifice three different shards for a chance to obtain a skin that’s worth at least 520 RP.

While the chances of getting the same skin are quite slim, it does happen sometimes since there’s no restriction prohibiting it. Multiple players chimed in on Reddit, showing the same results with other various items thrown into the tool. With so many new skins, emotes, wards, and other goodies constantly being added to League, the chance of getting the same item back is reduced but never zero.

So the next time you decide to reroll a skin shard, think about the slim possibility of getting the same one back—and maybe try it on out of spite.

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