Here are the top 5 League players in terms of prize money earned

Which players have made the most money playing League of Legends?

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League of Legends certainly doesn’t have the biggest prize pools in esports history, but that hasn’t stopped a handful of players from earning well over $500,000 throughout their careers.

While other games, like Dota 2, can offer huge tournament winnings—The International 9 featured a $34.3 million prize poolLeague can provide professional players with stability, especially when it comes to salaries.

Professional League players can make up to $300,000 a year on salary alone, and some of the top players earn even more.

Most organizations keep player salaries hidden from the public, however. Because of this, tournament winnings are the only reliable metric we can use to compare players’ earnings.

With that in mind, here are the five players who have earned the most cash from tournaments since Oct. 13, 2019, according to

5) Bae “Bengi” Seon-woong: $810,683.00

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SK Telecom T1’s former jungler and coach was a big part of what made the team successful for so many years. The three-time world champion left SKT at the start of 2017 to join the Chinese team Vici Gaming. But he struggled in his debut, so he moved on to coach SKT.

Most of Bengi’s winnings are thanks to his world championships. He parted ways with SKT in November last year when his coaching contract expired and retired from competitive play.

4) Bae “Bang” Jun-sik: $910,451

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As a two-time world champion, Bang had an amazing career when he joined SKT’s main squad in 2014, helping the team secure multiple regional and international titles. He now plays for the North American team 100 Thieves, who finished the LCS regular season in eighth place.

His large earnings are a combination of successive Worlds titles, MSI titles, and regional success he had with SKT.

3) Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan: $913,084

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Wolf became one of the highest earners in League history after Worlds 2017. He has been instrumental in SKT’s global dominance during earlier seasons and he’s been a top-tier support for some time. Bang and Wolf were considered one of the best bot lanes in the world, but they both left SKT in 2018.

Wolf is now representing a Turkish team SuperMassive Esports, the TCL’s second-best squad. But his earnings come from his time with SKT.

2) Lee “Duke” Ho-seong: $954 646,449

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Most of Duke’s earnings come from his time on SKT in season six when he helped the team win the Spring Split title and the 2016 World Championship. After winning Worlds with SKT, Duke moved over to the LPL to join Invictus Gaming, where he was famously a part of the IG roster that won Worlds 2018 in South Korea.

Duke is back at Worlds this year with IG as the LPL’s third seed. He’ll try to add more prize money to what he’s already earned at previous world championships.

1) Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok: $1,228,281

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League’s highest earner just so happens to be the best player in the world—Faker. Faker is the only player to earn more than $1 million, thanks in part to three World Championship titles, a few MSI titles, and multiple LCK regional titles earned under the SKT banner. There’s really no stopping the king of League.

SKT had a lackluster 2018 season, but Faker is back on the Worlds stage looking as strong as ever. His earnings could increase even more depending on how well he and SKT perform at Worlds over the next few weeks.