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Here are the top 10 League players in terms of prize money earned

Which players have made the most money playing League of Legends?
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League of Legends isn't known for having the biggest prize pools in esports history. But that hasn't stopped a handful of players from earning well over $500,000 throughout their careers.

While other games, like Dota 2, can offer huge tournament winnings—The International 7 featured a $24.7 million prize pool this year—League can provide professional players with stability, especially when it comes to salaries.

Professional League players can make up to $80,000 a year on salary alone, and some of the top players earn even more.

Most organizations keep player salaries hidden from the public, however. Because of this, tournament winnings are the only reliable metric we can use to compare players' earnings.

Here are the 10 players who have earned the most cash from tournaments since Sept. 10 2017, according to esportsearnings.com.

10) Jang "Looper" Hyeong-seok - $346,307

Looper is most well known for his time on Samsung White when they won the 2014 World Championship—which is where most of his earnings came from.

Samsung White then dissolved due to Riot imposing rules on organizations owning more than one team in a region. This meant that Samsung White and Samsung Blue ceased to exist, leaving only one team—Samsung Galaxy.

Looper is currently the top laner for Echo Fox, making him the highest earning NA LCS player on this list.

9) Ming "ClearLove" Kai - $388,320

ClearLove is a member of EDward Gaming, one of the LPL's most successful teams—and he's also the only Chinese player on this list.

He earned most of his prize money through several regional titles and by leading EDG to multiple knockout rounds at Worlds.

ClearLove has been a part of EDG since 2013 and has helped the team make multiple World Championships. With the LPL adapting a franchise system in 2018, ClearLove and many other LPL players are expected to earn a lot more moving forward.

8) Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong - $391,453

Since winning Worlds with Samsung White in 2014, Mata was a part of two other teams before joining KT Rolster in December 2016.

A large chunk of Mata's earnings came from that famous World Championship victory, with a small portion of it coming from regional performances.

Mata spent two years in the LPL with little success, failing to make a name for himself with Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give Up, before eventually moving back to Korea to play alongside his old teammate, PawN.

7) Heo "PawN" Won-seok - $412,345

PawN is the highest earner from the former Samsung White roster, and he's done the best since this team was dismantled.

PawN ended up joining EDG in December 2014, and he stayed with the team for nearly two years. He won multiple regional titles and earned a lot more money after his heroics at Worlds 2014 in comparison to his former teammates.

After his long stint with EDward Gaming, however, he eventually left EDG to head back to Korea and join KT Rolster in December 2016.

6) Kang "Blank" Sun-gu - $441,313

SKT's lowest earner in the top 10 is also one of the team's most consistent junglers. Blank is SKT's go-to guy and he's helped the team to both regional and international success multiple times.

Blank is predominantly SKT's substitute jungler and has been used as a backup since his arrival in December 2015. 

Blank earned most of his money from back-to-back world championship titles and could jump above his former teammate, Duke, by the end of Worlds 2017.

Heading into his third Worlds appearance with SKT, Blank will surely be the team's sixth man who will try to help SKT win their fourth Worlds title overall.

5) Lee "Duke" Ho-seong - $456,127

Most of Duke's earnings come from his time on SKT in season six when he helped the team win the Spring Split title and the 2016 World Championships. After winning Worlds with SKT, Duke moved over to the LPL to join Invictus Gaming. But Duke lost against Team WE in the Summer Regional Qualifiers to prevent him from returning to Worlds this year.

4) Bae "Bang" Jun-sik - $790,284

As a two-time world champion, Bang has had an amazing career since joining SK Telecom T1 S in October 2013. He joined SKT's main squad in 2014, and has since helped the team secure multiple regional and international titles.

His large earnings are a combination of successive Worlds titles, MSI titles, and regional success.

3) Lee "Wolf" Jae-wan - $794,785

Wolf is almost guaranteed to become the second highest earner in League history after Worlds 2017 due to Bengi's current hiatus from the game.

Just like Bang, Wolf has been instrumental in SKT's global dominance over the past few years, and he's been the best support in the world for some time. His partnership with Bang is unmatched and they are considered the best bot lane in the world.

2) Bae "Bengi" Seong-woong - $810,683

Bengi, SKT's former jungler, was a big part of what made SKT successful for so many years thanks to his consistency. The three-time world champion left SKT at the start of the year to join Chinese team Vici Gaming—but he struggled in his debut.

Bengi decided to sit out the summer season after a disappointing split in the LPL. Vici Gaming were relegated to the LPL's version of the Challenger Series for the Summer Split.

1) Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok - $1,056,863

League's highest earner just so happens to be the best player in the world—Faker.

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Faker is the only player to earn more than $1 million, thanks in part to three World Championship titles, two MSI titles, and multiple LCK regional titles earned under the SK Telecom T1 banner.

There's really no stopping the king of League.

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