Kai’Sa joins the Teamfight Tactics champion roster in Patch 9.19

The Daughter of the Void is hitting TFT boards in the Worlds patch.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready, Teamfight Tactics fans—the latest addition to the game mode’s champion roster is almost here.

Kai’Sa is the newest five-gold cost champion to join TFT and she’s already been a huge part in building the meta, especially on the League of Legends PBE. Void-Assassins have become a staple build for many players due to the sheer amount of damage that a well-balanced composition can do to almost every other team.

The Daughter of the Void is a unique unit because she falls into the Void and Assassin traits and she’s also a Ranger. Her ultimate is Killer Instinct, which has her dash past the furthest enemy while gaining a shield and a ton of attack speed for a few seconds. If the right items are put on Kai’Sa, she’s a perfect hyper-carry unit.

She also has the highest base attack speed in the game so far, which means that she can proc multiple on-hit items as fast as possible. With enough mana regen and attack speed, she can dash multiple times, avoiding damage and gaining a ton of shield in the process.

But the addition of Kai’Sa also prompted Riot Games to adjust Void units and its unique effect. Now, when a player collects two Void champions, one random Void champion will deal true damage. If you collect four, then all of your Void champions will deal true damage.

It looks like Void’s dominance will continue, even though its effectiveness has been lowered in the earlier stages of the game. Try out Kai’Sa when Patch 9.19 is released tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 25).