Ivern’s midscope update hits LoL’s PBE, introducing tweaks to ultimate

If you thought Daisy was scary before, just wait.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ resident friend of the jungle is getting a few new tools that will not only better assist his allies but make Daisy a bit more menacing.

Ivern’s midscope update went live today for testing on League’s PBE, and while it isn’t as intricate as recent changes to Neeko, it does add some new effects to nearly all of his abilities. This follows the initial reveal of Ivern’s midscope update this past March, where Riot had also provided information on the now-live changes to Neeko and midscope for Rell expected later this year.

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None of Ivern’s abilities have changed drastically, though the bonus damage he usually gets for sitting in the brushes he creates with his W is now also given to allies in a lesser amount—with Ivern benefitting from this even more with an increased innate attack range. Additionally, the shield he grants with his E will last a bit longer if, when it explodes, it does not make contact with any enemies.

The most significant change to Ivern directly impacts Daisy, who will now knock up any enemy she lands on when initially cast, being able to land directly on any champion rooted by his Q. Riot is also removing the effect on Ivern’s passive that leaves another buff behind for an ally when Ivern takes a camp due to this mechanic being introduced for all junglers in a coming patch.

Ivern’s midscope update, which will be available for testing on League’s PBE until it makes its way onto the live servers, does not yet have an official release date alongside an upcoming patch, though it may be included as part of Patch 13.10 on May 17. Riot also recently introduced a handful of changes to items of every class—including a few new and returning ones—to the PBE, which aren’t expected to hit the live servers until around the start of the second split.

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As these are rather significant updates to Ivern’s kit, it is possible these changes will be altered before they leave the PBE.

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