Neeko’s massive midscope update is on the LoL PBE—and she has more tools to fool

What will you transform into first?

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One of League of Legends’ most unique yet underplayed champions is set to receive an ample amount of changes that will make her an even trickier opponent to play against.

The long-awaited midscope update for Neeko is finally available for testing on League’s PBE, not only changing the damage ratios across nearly all of her abilities but providing many of them with new effects meant to capitalize on her playful-yet-tricky nature. While it’s not clear when this slight rework to Neeko will be making its way out of the PBE and onto the live servers, it is likely to leave testing in time for release with Patch 13.9 on May 3 or Patch 13.10 on May 17.

In the initial reveal of Neeko’s midscope update last year, Riot showcased that the Curious Chameleon would take her camouflaging antics one step further by being able to transform into plants, minions, and more—adding to her passive that originally only allowed her to transform into allied champions until she took damage. Standing next to one of these units will give Neeko a charge of their appearance, which she can access in her passive bar to transform into at her discretion.

Neeko’s camouflage fantasies have been taken even further with her passive retaining her transformation at all times unless that transformation’s health is depleted, she is crowd controlled, or she uses an ability. Her passive can also now be triggered every six seconds.

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Additionally, Neeko is now able to slightly control the direction that her clone travels when she uses her W, similar to how LeBlanc’s passive works. The redirection is rather slight, however, and wears off after a few seconds just as it used to, though players should now have a bit more room to trick their opponents into thinking Neeko is her clone, or vice versa.

Neeko’s ultimate has also been changed significantly, immediately rooting enemies that stand in the circle when Neeko hops into the air, then keeping them stunned a bit longer when she lands—meaning players no longer need to wait for the crowd control to apply until the end of the ability. But it no longer grants Neeko a shield upon use, making it significantly easier for enemies to counter her low health and defenses. This ability also retains its original effect of not showing the wind-up if Neeko is transformed when using it.

Riot appears to want to push Neeko into more roles than just the mid lane with these midscope changes. Neeko’s Q and the passive associated with her W have received ample buffs to their damage ratios when attacking jungle monsters. Riot Phlox, designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, said the team doesn’t expect Neeko jungle to become too popular, rather it is an option that opens up new possibilities for the champion.

Players can try out all of the changes associated with Neeko’s midscope update now on League’s PBE. There is no official date yet for when these changes will be hitting the live servers, though players are likely to expect them in one of May’s patches.

Correction April 18 1:56pm CT: A previous version of this article said Neeko’s ultimate would knock up enemies in the circle when she lands, which is not the case. She instead roots allies upon jumping into the air, then keeping them stunned longer when she lands. We regret this error.


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