3 champions set for mid-scope updates in LoL this year

We've only been given a taste of what to expect.

Image via Riot Games

A trio of League of Legends champions are on the list for mid-scope updates at some point this year, including one peculiar pick that prefers to make the creatures of the forest his friends.

In a new developer update, Riot Games provided more information on the already-revealed mid-scope updates for Rell and Neeko in League that haven’t been discussed in some time, while also announcing Ivern will get an update after them.

This follows the development team’s shift from focusing on new champion releases to providing changes to older and more obscure members of the evolving roster.

Rell is the mid-scope that is the furthest along and the first that will be made available to players this year. The dev team provided a brief tease at what players can be expecting with the new version of the Iron Maiden, including an entirely new E and changes to the power of her mounted and unmounted forms.

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Riot noted that the delay in Neeko’s mid-scope development was in part due to the importance of prioritizing Yuumi’s recent changes, as well as there being numerous bugs impacting her passive—which has remained an issue with the shape-shifting champion for years.

No further updates were provided about Neeko’s mid-scope release date nor what other changes will be made to her kit.

While no specific information was provided about Ivern’s changes, Riot noted the aspect of his kit being targeted is his ultimate, which summons Daisy to the Rift. Ivern suffers from a similar situation to pre-rework Aurelion Sol where, although his win rate has remained rather steady, he has a very low player base thanks to his unique playstyle.

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More information regarding the next mid-scope updates making their way to League is expected to be revealed in the coming months, alongside their official release dates.


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