Invictus Gaming upset JD Gaming, inch closer in LPL playoff race

Invictus Gaming won an important game for playoffs contention.

Image via Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming has climbed further up the LPL 2022 Spring Split Standings after their three-game series win over JD Gaming.

Heading into this match, both teams hovered in the middle of the standings, although JD had a slight advantage in the playoff picture due to Invictus’ cold start to 2022.

In the first game, JD jungler Kanavi dominated the map on the Viego as he played an integral part in setting the tone for JD’s early game. This lead carried over into objective control where Invictus were unable to set foot near any of the dragons which proved to be a big plus into the mid-game. 

Game two began slowly as both teams traded kills with one another. It was not until past the 10-minute mark when Invictus began to pull away with a lead through their mid jungle duo of Hecarim and Twisted Fate. This allowed Invictus to have mobility throughout the map that JD were unable to compete with as each team fight went Invictus’ way up until the end of the mid-game. 

By the late game, JD’s AD carry Hope had hit his power spike on the reliable Jinx pick as the game’s fights got closer past the 20-minute mark. Still, through this whole period, it was Invictus who were the aggressors and held the tempo advantage. In one last-ditch effort, JD got the baron, but Invictus secured the final teamfight to help propel this series to a third game.

And in the final game, JD made a crucial mistake in the draft when they left Invictus with the dominant Zeri pick, which carried the mid to late-game as Invictus pulled off the upset onto JD in a competitive three-game series.

Invictus will look to boost their regular-season record to 6-6 when they take on LGD Gaming and Anyone’s Legend in week seven. 

For the side of JD, this loss makes it their second series loss in a row, dropping them down to a 4-4 record on the LPL 2022 Spring Split. They will face off against Anyone’s Legend and Bilibili Gaming in week six.