Insane Wombo Combo helps League of Legends team win game despite 10,000 gold deficit

It only takes one play.

Image via Riot Games

Playing from behind is an arduous experience in League of Legends. When your opponents have gold, experience, item, and objective advantages, surmounting a comeback seems impossible. But one player provided the community with a much-needed reminder—it only takes one play to turn the tides.

A League player posted a thrilling Wombo Combo on Reddit today that allowed their team to recover from a 10,000 gold deficit and win the game in just one minute.

With two inhibitors down, a Nexus turret destroyed, and Baron buff pushing minions in, things looked grim for the underdogs. But a stellar Rammus initiation was all the team needed.

Lulu’s Wild Growth (R) knocked up five enemies, allowing Yasuo to keep the entire team airborne with his ultimate. To add to the carnage, Veigar was able to stun four adversaries and drop a devastating Dark Matter (W) to ensure the Ace.

In the meantime, the ally Karthus was pushing bot lane and had the wave set up perfectly to finish the game shortly after.

The clean Wombo is a perfect example of how a coordinated effort can help even the most dire situations lead to the Victory Screen.