Gen.G issues statement after recent attempts to trespass on their Seoul HQ

The organization took measures to protect the security of its players and staff.

Image via Gen.G

Gen.G released a statement last night informing fans about several attempts to trespass on the organization’s Seoul headquarters. Gen.G has “contacted the authorities, increased security, and have let our neighbors know to take precautions,” according to co-president and COO Arnold Hur.

The organization reported cases of people “armed with weapons” who tried to break into its headquarters or wait near players’ commonly used routes, according to a translation by Korizon’s Kevin Kim. The invasions could cause physical and mental harm to players and staff, the message says.

Gen.G has reported the incidents to the authorities, and all players and staff are safe, according to Hur, since the incident “did not occur near them.” The organization will also “take measures against those who impersonate as a staff or use their anonymity to threaten others’ personal safety,” based on a translation by Kim.

To prevent further incidents and ensure the safety of players and staff, Gen.G’s senior director of marketing Marino Lee said that fans looking to send gifts or visit the headquarters should let the organization know ahead of time, according to a translation by Kim.

The motivations for the incidents are still unclear. Gen.G recently lost two games in the 2021 LCK Summer Split after experimenting with its roster, though that does not justify putting the safety of players and staff at risk.