Fans crochet several League champions and Arcane characters

The League and Arcane characters are more adorable than ever.

Image via Riot Games

GuelHandmade, the team behind the adorable crochet Arcane Jinx doll, are back—this time with a wide range of new Arcane and League of Legends-themed dolls.

Dubbed “League of Crochets” by user BhunnyBheb, a 44-second video clip posted to Reddit made members of the League community marvel at the ensemble of crocheted champions. The characters from Arcane that join Jinx as crochet include Powder, Vi, and Caitlyn. Meanwhile, familiar faces from League include Xayah and Arcade Ahri, who round out the new selection of Riot Games-themed crochet dolls available.

These six crochet League of Legends dolls were created by three different crocheters apart of GuelHandmade, a Philippines-based Etsy shop, owned by Kevin Marwin Miguel Quilala.

The Arcane Vi and Caitlyn crochet dolls were created by Genevieve “Bunnybheb” Requila, while the new variation of the Jinx crochet, as well as Powder, were created by Inez Tan. The Xayah and Arcade Ahri dolls were created by Christy Murillo Inson.

The GuelHandmade Etsy shop is a small team of crocheters who have showcased their talents by creating crochet dolls of popular characters in TV and video games. Most notably, GuelHandmade did a number of crochet creations for popular Genshin Impact characters, which were created by Mia Clarissa DeLeon, who is also a part of the GuelHandmade team.

The group of crocheters at GuelHandmade all share an interest in crochet dolls and have recently expanded into the Riot Games niche in 2022, with their first project being the Arcane Jinx crochet doll. Now, after receiving more love from the League community, more projects in the future surrounding other popular champions could be next on their list of crochet creations, where the team already have a list of various League of Legends champions in queue to be turned into crochet form through custom orders.